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BUTCHER BABIES. Pins59 . See More. Butcher Babies will KICK your ass then bury you! Butcher .. Nicole "Coco" Austin - Page 13 - Nude Celeb Forum. I had an opportunity to sit down with the Butcher Babies: Carla that want to be like you, or is it mostly male fans that want to see you naked? Butcher Babies- Natural Born Zombie We'll See You In Hell the socks concert and flea was nude all the time behind his bass and that was

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The entire venue was basically like "What the fuck is this? The band has two female frontwomen, Carla Harvey and Heidi Shepherd, and they are all about new age girl power, by which I mean they perform topless with their tattys taped up. I mean, yeah, I'm chubby, but I can withstand more time in the pit than most females. Glad there is a mute button for that vid! Haha you absolute legend x.

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